Tips and Tricks how to brew coffee

How to brew good coffee simply:

Make sure all the equipment to be used is clean
To give the delicious flavor to the coffee you want to make, make sure also that the equipment to be used is really clean.

Grinding or grinding coffee should be appropriate
Flavors that are too bitter or flavor are flat due to the extraction of coffee produced. If the coffee beans are milled in a way that is too smooth, then the bitter taste will be felt. Conversely, if the taste of coffee is too flat, caused by the milling results are less smooth.

Use filtered water or bottled water
In general, the water still contains lime although it has been heated to a temperature of 100 degrees centigrade, then it is necessary filtering so as not to contain lime because it can change the taste of the coffee itself. Water that has been filtered or bottled water shows the sterilization of the water. The use of water also affects the resulting flavor

Hot water with a temperature between 90 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius
The bitter taste or flavor of coffee is caused by the extraction of coffee produced. At a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius, coffee will be extracted optimally. Old cooking or brewing coffee also affects the taste of coffee

The ideal taste of coffee
The best taste of coffee will be felt after 4 minutes of contact between coffee with hot water. For this type of espresso coffee, the contact time is between 20 to 30 seconds. If the resulting flavor is less than optimal, it is likely that the contact time between coffee and hot water is too fast or even too long. The best coffee taste can only be enjoyed as soon as the ideal contact time is reached.

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